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Keep Hair Moisturized During Winter

How to Keep Your Hair Moisturized This Winter

Winter is here and with it comes dry skin, itchy scalps, and brittle hair. While most people don’t love cold weather, the holidays are a great time to enjoy family and gather around some delicious meals. We dress up and get ourselves ready for events with friends and family, but struggle with the side effects that come with cold winter days. One of the most frustrating side effects of winter is having dry, brittle hair. While we all know to apply moisturizer to dry skin, not many people know what to do to combat dry hair. Don’t worry; we’re here to help. Check out these great tips on how to keep your hair moisturized this winter.

1. Ditch the Shampoo

Shampoos can dry your hair out, create scalp sensitivities, and cause extra itchiness. One of the main causes of winter-dryness is over-washing your hair. Try to space out your shampoos this winter to help keep your hair hydrated and looking radiant. If you absolutely can’t ditch the shampoo, at least replace it with a scalp friendly, salon-quality product. Cheap shampoos will inevitably cause more problems than good and a high-quality shampoo will last you much longer.

2. Opt for Leave-In Conditioner

Try adding a leave-in conditioner to your hair routine to help combat dryness and the annoying static phenomenon that occurs during winter months. A leave-in conditioner will help keep your hair hydrated and in one place. If leave-in conditioner is too heavy for your liking, at least use a deep conditioner in the shower a few times a week.

3. Use Moisturizer or Oil

In addition to leave-in conditioners, try using an oil-based hair moisturizer. While heavy oils during warmer months can cause hair to look weighed down, they will help keep your hair vibrant and healthy during the winter. This is especially important if you frequently style your hair or use heated appliances regularly.

One of the best ways to give your hair some extra moisture without weighing it down during the day is by using an overnight oil or moisturizer. All you do is apply it right before bed and cover your hair (if you don’t want to risk making a mess on your pillow). When you wake up you’ll have beautiful, moisturized hair.

4. Give Yourself Treatments

Regardless of your hair type, we recommend using deep-conditioning treatments throughout winter months. For the most hydration, try to do an at-home treatment at least once a week. Committing to regular hair treatments will help replace any moisture that your hair loses throughout the week. There are plenty of great DIY hair masks online or you can head to the salon for a more professional, high-quality experience.

5. Avoid Harsh Dyes

Dyeing our hair is a great way to reflect our personalities and change up our style, however it takes a toll on our hair. If you have dark hair and dye it lighter, consider switching things up this winter. Harsh dyes, bleach, or consistent treatments will leave your hair dry and brittle. If you absolutely can’t keep your natural color, make sure you’re not over-stripping your hair and listen to your stylist’s recommendations on a healthy hair routine. There are plenty of deep conditioners that will help you keep your color for longer while adding some much needed moisture.

6. Keep Things Cool

We all love our hair styling appliances, but they dry out our hair and cause a lot of damage. Try using heatless styling options this winter or at least cut back on the process. If you have time, let your hair air dry and then do spot touch-ups. Conversely, if you want to blow dry your hair don’t style with heated appliances afterwards.

If you are going to use heat, keep your hair protected with heat-protectant product.

7. Cover Your Hair

One way you can help protect your hair is to cover it. Lots of people wear hats during the winter, but many don’t realize that they actually benefit your hair by keeping it from getting too brittle from over-exposure to the cold air. For the best results, try lining your favorite hat with satin. The satin lining adds a layer of protection and won’t break off brittle ends.

Satin lined hats will also reduce the amount of moisture that your winter hat absorbs. If you want to go above and beyond, create a removable liner that you can take out and wear to bed. You’ll keep your hair protected and increase retained moisture while you sleep.

To help make sure your hair is well moisturized this winter, consider getting a keratin treatment from Zea Salon. Keratin treatments work to lock in keratin, a protein that’s essential to hair health. Plus, since many people get them to keep hair styled for extended periods of time, you’ll be able to reduce the amount of heat you use from appliances at home. Don’t sacrifice hair health for style during the holidays; call the professionals at Zea Salon to schedule an appointment today. Give us a call at 773-248-0600 and keep your hair looking, and feeling, great this winter!